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"My Favorites" is an 18 track album of Tommy Page's favorite recordings all in one place for his fans to enjoy.

Track Listing:
1) You're The Only One
2) I Break Down (2015)
3) When I Dream of You
4) Loving You (Prelude)
5) It's Your Love
6) Time (Reprise)
7) A Shoulder To Cry On
8) Madly In Love
9) Whenever You Close Your Eyes
10) Paintings In My Mind
11) Minetta Lane
12) Spend Tonight With You
13) I Still Believe In You And Me (Prelude)
14) I Still Believe In You And Me
15) Close Our Eyes (Duet w/Tiffany)
16) I Think I'm In Love
17) I'll Be Your Everything
18) I Break Down (Instrumental)

My Favorites

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